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LCD projectors tend to be sharper, more efficient and more color accurate, but have lower contrast ratios and can experience image degradation over time. That surface reflected the projected images back at the exact same angle they were received so several people can use the same surface at the same time without interfering with each […]

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In an era when sad and scary terms like “lockdown” and “shelter in place” have become normal parts of our lexicon, intuitive, simple, and effective home entertainment devices that help replicate the charm of cinematic experiences from the “before times” are naturally very popular holiday purchasing options. We have HDMI 2.1 finally going mainstream, so […]

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Nearly 25.2 million light-years away, the NGC 6946 explodes a mysterious blast of intense X-ray light that has been creating phenomenal fireworks since 1917. According to NASA astronomers, it takes an estimated 25 million years for the stellar explosions to reach the Earth. Fireworks galaxy is known for its supernovas (seen in blue), but a […]

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Local resident Mr Qu said the video was filmed by his friend while he was at work before he later shared it on social media. Giving you the option to alter your light conditions, you can relieve eye fatigue and improve your work station too. Moon Lamp can make the perfect gift to kids and […]

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All products are also covered by our 1-year BlissLights warranty! With the A button, you can set your preferred color, and by pressing it several times, you can shift through the different light effects.A major advantage that this device has over similar products is a feature to adjust the brightness. All of this activities can […]

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The two exhibitions will transform over 3,000 square metres of Circular Quay’s First Fleet Park and the adjacent Foundation Hall as never before and includes a landmark partnership with Instagram to showcase outstanding Vivid Sydney content being shared on the platform and provide tips on how to capture the magic of the festival when the […]

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While we might be a little biased in our opinion, our favourite option would have to be the levitating moon. For instance, the sun is more than 8 light-minutes from Earth, while the moon is just over a light-second away. This supermassive black hole is 10 million times as massive as our Sun and located […]