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In this blog post, we’ll break down the essential components you’ll need to look for when using Show Lasers. They’re also limited to creating essentially white light, but for an image on-screen you specifically need only red, green, and blue. You don’t get image chips with full 4K resolution until you spend a lot more […]

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We love the simple controls that only require a remote to customize the experience you want. To be honest, we love all Christmas projector lights. This multifunctional light will work well to bring the Christmas festivity mood and great for other events around the year. This means by purchasing this laser light, and you will […]

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However, it’s also Wi-Fi capable and has two HDMI ports to access all of your favorite movies and content. We’ve researched the best budget projectors that are high-quality, easy to use, and deliver crisp, bright images so you can watch all your favorite content without hurting your wallet. If you want a projector to watch […]

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We expect a surge in the demand for Ultra-curved OLED big-screen monitors reducing blooming using advanced LED technology, light shaping, and intelligent image processing taking brightness, contrast, and color to a new level. What precautions should I take when using outdoor laser lights? Daytime Use – If you will be using your projector during the […]

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The UP laser makes for a decent purchase for small and medium-sized homes. That’s small enough to move around the house or possibly hit the backyard for an outdoor movie night. Sure, streaming content straight from a laptop or phone might be enough for some people, but there’s something particularly special about making a trip […]