galaxy night light

Make sure you sync your phone up and keep batteries in your remote so that you can always control the projector without getting out of your seat. The shelf is powered by 3 x AA batteries and can easily be turned on and off without taking the lamp off the wall. Comes with a USB […]

outdoor holiday projector for sale

It’s professionally manufacturing and developing LED wall washer, LED projector, LED floodlight, LED wall lamp, LED inground lamp, LED underwater lamp, LED outline tube, LED downlight and more. We have discussed the important factors to look for in a Halloween projector, in the buying guide above. Read on to learn about the features to look […]

outdoor christmas light projector asda

When you’re spending back-to-back weeks, up all night with a newborn baby, it’s easy to pile on the pounds and spend too much time flopped on the couch. The first features a simulated living room with a vibrating couch and a screen mimicking the passage of days and seasons outside a window. This ChronoWatch makes […]