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The Star Projector night light is perfect to add a festive atmosphere to any room in the house during the holiday season. NGC 4666’s burst of star formation is driving an unusual form of extreme galactic weather known as a superwind – a gigantic transfer of gas from the bright central heart of the galaxy […]

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These days you can get CNET Editors’ Choice-winning 75-inch TVs for less than $1,400 or a 77-inch OLED (OLED!) for around $3,000. Its lighting category, which began with the CNET Editors’ Choice Award-winning Wyze Bulb, now also includes the Wyze Bulb Color, the Wyze Night Light and the Wyze Floor Lamp. Wyze’s latest LED, the […]

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It’s likely that we’ll see a base S22, along with an upgraded S22 Plus and an S22 Ultra model sitting right at the top of the range with the best specs — and the highest price to match. It’s shaped like a globe, and rests on a low, christmas projector lights outdoor arched base. It’s […]

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Then, make the night complete with a photo booth. Crashing through the Mediterranean waves at sunset, star light projector Palestinian fisherman Mohammed al-Nahal leads a convoy of rickety boats out for another risky night under the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip. It says the blockade is necessary to protect Israeli civilians who have been […]