laser christmas lights for outdoors

LEVITATING: The Magnetic Moon Lamp comes with a magnetic base that actually allows it to levitate and spin around like the actual moon! The touch control base below allows you to turn on/off the LEDs inside the moon lamp or base light. Some earthquakes produce low-pitch sounds and light effects (flashes, streamers, and balls). Earthquakes […]

outdoor christmas laser lights as seen on tv

This type is most common in the star projector segment, and they are generally compact and soft in form. The Epson EF-100 is bright, compact and worth considering. This is a moon lamp that is wonderful in all ramifications. The creative stand that is attached to this lamp makes it perfect for offices and homes. […]

outdoor sky laser light

Ideal for a unique atmosphere on the terrace or at Christmas. Also visit our outdoor Christmas lights section to enhance your display this festive season and a must see is our Christmas string lighting range. Most laser Christmas lights have various designs or come in multiple colors so you can switch them up throughout the […]