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With these recommendations, we strongly believe that you will find a good one with an affordable price and suitable quality. You will find it useful. SLD Laser will host virtual meetings at CES 2021 by appointment, live from SLD’s Silicon Valley light tunnel and LaserLight showroom. Utilizing the White/IR dual-emission LaserLight sources, SLD is now […]

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This star projector light from UOUNE is quite compact and well constructed. Why It Made The Cut: This projector’s compact. Some can also attach to external USB battery packs that allow them to be run without plug-in power. The internal app store is frustrating, some apps crash or refuse to load correctly and its one […]

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With the wireless remote control, you can apply them in your daily applications, and they will never let you down. The wireless remote control makes it easy for you to have full control of the lights. You can control it from 50ft away with RF remote control. They are among the few lights you can […]

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Our red laser, green laser and blue laser are all commercial grade laser lights and are designed for both temporary or permanent outdoor use, as well as use in wet conditions such as rain water, sprinkler water exposure. Choose from a variety of led stage lighting from church stage lighting and led stage lighting for […]

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Because it generates its image using an LCD chip, it doesn’t suffer from the rainbow effect found on single-DLP projectors. Have a dazzling effect. By way of comparison, most budget home projectors have 1,100- to 2,000-lumen bulbs. “Cheap” is always relative and, in the world of projectors, that usually means near $800 for an enjoyable, […]

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The projector also includes two built-in 3-Watt speakers with an SRS sound system. What’s more, this unit boasts of a plug-and-play system making it incredibly easy to use. It boasts of unique colors and images that will suit the Christmas festivities and those of Halloween. Again, this unit boasts of a durable construction with its […]

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The Delicacy LED Star Light Projector brings the stars into your home. The cluster star projector from Homebase is also one of our favourites as it’s cute and different. One will be enough for many events. And if I did want to dim the picture for some reason, it’s easy enough to do with the […]

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In this blog post, we’ll break down the essential components you’ll need to look for when using Show Lasers. They’re also limited to creating essentially white light, but for an image on-screen you specifically need only red, green, and blue. You don’t get image chips with full 4K resolution until you spend a lot more […]

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We love the simple controls that only require a remote to customize the experience you want. To be honest, we love all Christmas projector lights. This multifunctional light will work well to bring the Christmas festivity mood and great for other events around the year. This means by purchasing this laser light, and you will […]

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The product – and those like it – allow you to plug in a box and have a laser show illuminate your home with thousands of flickering dots of light. Your themed gathering will get touch originality with much less efforts as all you have to do is to place somewhere this outdoor light show […]